Food Business

7 Rewarding Food Business Ideas In Nigeria

Food Business

No living being  can function properly without food. It’s how we are wired.

This makes the food business an enterprise that will never go out of season. No matter what, man must eat.

Starting a food business is often promising and with the right steps taken, you have a higher chance of making sales and succeeding in the business. Does this interest you?

The Food Industry/Business comprises of various promising niches…take a look at some of our top picks below.

Personal Chef

A personal chef is a trained cook hired by clients. He or she prepares meals in the home kitchen’s of their clients. Their responsibilities include:

  • Meal planning
  • Shopping for ingredients
  • Cooking
  • Storing food properly
  • Cleaning up after cooking

Personal chefs ensure that the meals are based on needs and preferences of their clients.

Food Kiosk

Food kiosk (also called as Food booth) is a temporary structure used to prepare and sell food to customers. They are usually located at large gatherings such as parks, malls or even stadiums.

This business is for persons who might not be interested in owning a personal space but want to sell food to a large number of people.

You could offer food options like:
Fried foods- fish, chicken, meat, Akara, Puff Puff.
Snacks- ice-cream, popcorn, hotdogs, candy.
Drinks- milkshakes, smoothies, fruit juice, yogurt.


A bakery is an establishment that produces flour-based foods and sells them. These include bread, cakes, and pastries.
You can start selling from your house and expand to a personal space with time.

Catering Services

Catering services deliver food to a client’s location. They might cook and serve it on-site.
A catering service may have it’s own cooks to prepare food, or might hire food from a contractor to deliver to clients.

Types of catering service:

Cooperate catering: The caterer provides food for a cooperate body gathered at a location to discuss it’s affairs.

Buffet catering: In this type of catering, the food is made available in different metallic storages with fire underneath. The fire beneath keeps the food warm. There is a variety of food, and guests serve themselves.

Office delivery catering: The caterer prepares food, packages it and delivers to an office.

Sit- Down catering: Here, the guests sit at a place while the caterer has servers moving around with food and drinks. The servers asks the guests for their preferred choice and bring it to them.

Social event catering: From birthdays, to naming ceremonies, social events cover a wide range of events. Caterers are essential for the success of these programs.

Food truck catering: This is most suitable for social gatherings. Food is made available in a truck. Food truck catering is easier to handle as it requires less personnel. Fast foods and drinks are mainly served.

School catering: The caterer prepares food and delivers it to a school establishment.

Added to the list are:
Hotel/Restaurant catering.
Wedding catering.

A restaurant is a place people come to sit and eat meals that have been prepared before hand.
Meals are often eaten in the location, but most restaurants offer the take-out and home delivery service.

Restaurants are distinguished in different ways. The primary factors are the food itself(steak, swallow, rice, seafood); cuisine(African, Chinese, Japanese); and style of offering.

Restaurants serve already made food to people who might not have the time to cook. You can specialize in local or foreign dishes, take-aways, etc.

Cookery Classes

If you’re passionate about cooking and teaching, cookery classes might be for you.
Cookery classes are centered on the art of cooking. They focus on the making, presentation and appreciation of food.

You can host classes which can either be physical or online.


A fruit mart is an open-air business venue that sells a variety of fruits and vegetables to customers. The fruits are arranged in an attractive and organized manner. This business is profitable.

Examples of fruit marts in Nigeria are Ketu Jakande Fruit Market, Lugbe Fruit Market,
Maitama Fruit Markets.

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