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Business Brand or Personal Brand Which Should Come First?

When it comes to branding, different people have different interpretations, views on exactly what branding is, especially young entrepreneurs just starting out. 


Why Your Business Needs A CAC Certificate

Do you own a small business and want to take that business to greater heights?

What if you have worked hard for years only to realize that your business name legally belongs to someone else who has registered it before you?

Perhaps, you got a life-c...

Businesses You Can Start With Little Capital

There is a saying that there is no better time to start a business than in times of economic crisis. Real business people seize the opportunities and threats in the economy by solving problems then they make money from it.

Why Your Business Needs A Marketplace

The idea of marketplaces is as old as business itself and while the medium of transactions and technology has changed over time, marketplaces remain a viable way for buyers and sellers from vastly far geographic regions to find each other and transact.


What We Do AT Spronet.ng

In modern times, it is agreeable, that business has moved online and so must business people. Hardly do we find any business now that does not utilize any form of Internet Technology.


16 Small Scale Production Business Ideas with A  Low Startup Cost

Have you ever considered starting a small production or manufacturing business but are not sure what to produce or ideas to pursue?

Manufacturing industries remain very profitable especially with the right ideas and proper management skills, which makes them an excellent option when considering a sustainable business at low capital for good ROI and scalability.