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In modern times, it is agreeable, that business has moved online and so must business people. Hardly do we find any business now that does not utilize any form of Internet Technology.

As technologies advance, so does it influence people’s way of interaction, lifestyle, and business.

Spronet helps businesses keep up with that change effortlessly without having to worry about technology or bogus business jargon allowing you to do what’s most important.

  • Creating Value
  • Building meaningful business connections,
  • Engaging your customers and audience
  • And of course, making a profit.

We aim at democratizing technology seamlessly for businesses and providing a level playing ground where every entrepreneur, businessman, or woman, gets the opportunity to reach a vast range of customers and business connections from any location in a secure business environment where trust can be dissected.

Your Business Needs To Be Seen

Having a custom business website and social media handle tailored for your business and brand is important but also important, is the need to be part of an online business marketplace.

Good online marketplaces like Spronet.ng are a great source of constant, organic, re-occurring, and relatively affordable traffic and add more credibility to your brand.

At spronet.ng, we give you a free online store website that contains your business profile and serves as a vehicle that carries or advertises all your business information not just to the public but to audiences and customers that will be more inclined to engage or make a purchase.

You can learn more from our article on why your business needs a marketplace here Why Your Business Needs An Online Marketplace – Spronet Blog

Business is About Customer Engagement, Education, and Value

Why worry about technology, web development, marketing, blockchain, etc. When you can spend meaningful time telling the world about your goods and services while creating meaningful business connections.

Spronet allows you to leverage the power of technology for your business without needing to do anything that concerns technology.

With our easy-to-set-up and use business platform, we help you focus on educating your customers and creating engagements around your goods and services.

What’s more? you can share your business link to different social media and convert your audience into paying customers.

What other useful way to spend your time for your business on the internet? And it’s Free.


Save Money, Make A Profit

When we say Free, we mean it, spronet makes money by ensuring safe transactions through commissions. This means we take bringing paying customers to you seriously.

On the other end, spronet allows you to save costs on web development and marketing fees, etc. while also retaining professionality, making more sales, improving your network, and growing your business.

Win Deals And Contracts

At Spronet, we believe everyone (Business, man, or woman) deserves an opportunity to succeed. That’s why we have created a transparent contract bidding process. As people that have spent quality time, especially in the Nigerian Market, we’ve observed organizations’ money being siphoned by people either sent into markets to make purchases or to award contracts.

On the other end, bidding for these contracts requires some level of connection and God’s grace. Ha-ha!

Spronet takes all that away saving businesses or contract creators a fortune while making it available for verified businesses to bid. Like we say…now you don’t need to know someone that knows someone to win the deal.

You can start now to use spronet.ng for free. It is free now, and it is also always free.


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